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Local resident Joe Grimm has volunteered to repaint lines on the city tennis court in a way that will create four Pickle Ball courts. Grimm proposed the project to the cityís Parks and Recreation at its March 9 meeting and also praised the tennis court resurfacing work done last year.

Councilman Rob Jackson is that teamís chairman and he told the March 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council that all work and supplies will be done by Grimm and the Pickle Ball Association at no cost to the city. Jackson said the updated lines will not affect a regular tennis match and creation of four Pickle Ball courts would make tournament play possible. Later in the council meeting a motion was unanimously passed in favor of Grimmís offer to repaint the lines into four Pickle Ball courts.

Jackson said even though City Park and Cemetery bathrooms are closed during Winter months they are still being used and therefore need to be kept clean. He said the Parks Team would like a maintenance schedule of cleaning and recommends cleaning be done during the off season.

Regarding upcoming activities Jackson said that Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray is going to be posting a part time position for help with center operations. Training for center docents will begin April 4th. It is hoped updated interpretive signs will be installed by the end of June. The team also discussed the March 18 Historical Society and Sacajawea Center evening event which has since taken place. The annual Heritage Days event is scheduled for August 20 with Native American Arts and Crafts provided by residents of Fort Hall.

Jackson said City Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson and Gray will review the new joint-position hours and develop a clear schedule for duties and needs at the Sacajawea Center. He said the part time positions at the Parks and Sacajawea Center were combined to make the position of Grounds Keeper. The Grounds Keeper will work as a full time seasonal employee with park duties as well as duties at the center.

The Parks Team is looking into an Idaho Power energy saving bulb replacement program to see if it would be beneficial. The program replaces light bulbs with (light-emitting diode) LEDís.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team will be April 13 at 3:30 PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

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