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Spring brings renewals to city agreements which began during the March 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

One of those agreements is with the Salmon Hockey Association for the maintenance and operation of the Public Skating Rink. The association’s budget for next season is due by March 31. Council President Jim Baker pointed out that no changes to the $3,000 yearly services contract agreement had been requested. He suggested that maintenance costs must have increased by now and that a Hockey Association representative should come to the next council meeting and present any changes that need to be considered in the upcoming budget cycle. A motion by Rob Jackson to table the topic until the council’s next meeting was unanimously passed.

Salmon Golf Association President Steve Lish presented the council with the association’s yearly operating budget and agreement renewal. He said there have been no changes to the agreement since it was reworked last year and that he also wanted to pay the yearly fee. None of the above was required until May but Lish said, “We like to be efficient.”

Lish mentioned that for comparison he had also included some of the association’s past budgets and expenses. Councilman Rob Jackson commented the city has had a good working relationship with the Golf Association and made a motion to approve the agreement as presented. The roll call vote was unanimous and the agreement was signed. Baker expressed his appreciation for the data from past years which gave the council a clearer picture.

The council approved a moving-day, street closure request for the Salmon Library Association. The street is North Terrance and it was explained the closures will be sporadic between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM. The big move of books, book cases and all else from the old library to the new will begin on March 22 and continue through April 1. Upon request Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt agreed to loan the workers some city saw horses. Police Chief KV Felker said he didn’t see that the temporary closures would cause much inconvenience. A motion to grant the request was unanimous and it was announced that moving-days volunteers are welcome.

At the March 2 City Council meeting Local Option Tax funds were approved for replacement of the boiler system at the City Swimming Pool. At the March 16 meeting City Community Project Development Coordinator Mary Cerise asked the council to officially approve the boiler purchase so work on removing the old boiler can begin. The approval is only for the purchase of the boiler, not the company from which the boiler will be purchased since that has yet to be confirmed. The motion to approve an expenditure of $22,991.55 in LOT funding was phrased as “…spend this amount or less.” Baker made the motion and it was approved unanimously.

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