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The Lemhi County Commissioners had a busy April 11 meeting day beginning with department head discussions.

Landfill Manager Ken Boese reported that the new Murdock Store bales its own cardboard and on April 6 Boese collected 24 bales for the landfill to recycle. He said the Shopko store also bales its cardboard for landfill collection. When the cardboard from stores and that delivered to the landfill by residents reaches a certain volume the landfill sells it. A recent sale of 78 cardboard bales brought approximately $1,712. Other materials recycled include refrigerators and freezers as well as aluminum from barbeques and they are currently working on recycling lawnmowers and weed-eaters. The landfill also bales tires and aluminum cans.

Boese said the two compost piles started last year have been combined into one and a new pile has been started. He also reported on the status of Landfill equipment and needed repairs.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Kerrie Cheney and Road Specialist Jay Davis gave the commissioners an overview of recent and future culvert repairs and equipment replacement plans. They also said the walking path project is presently on hold due to concerns over the quality of donated materials. Commissioner Rick Snyder emphasized the importance of proper fill material as related to future maintenance and Davis recounted the countyís staunch opposition throughout the pathway planning process to ever being responsible for the trailís maintenance. He said the county does not have the equipment necessary to maintain the trail or the manpower.

There was also a discussion on many residentsí intense displeasure about the smoke generated by the early April Forest Service prescribed burn and its resulting impacts on health. It was reported visitors who came for the Salmon Select Horse Sale were also very upset by the air pollution which some expect will bring Department of Environmental Quality sanctions to the city and county. The commissioners believe the excess fuel load should be chipped not burned.

County Building Administrator Gary Goodman reported a lot of building activity which reflects a healthy local economy. He said the hospital addition plus the new north wing at the Meadows facility will be good for the community. Goodman added there is a lot of residential building planned along with some commercial projects.

Dave Bailey of Salmon Truck and Equipment asked why truck repairs on county equipment are being outsourced when local shops are capable of doing the work. He said the money being spent for out of town repairs would be better spent locally. The commissioners considered that a fair question and promised to look into it.

Representatives of JUB Engineering asked the commissioners to write a of letter of recommendation to support the firmís desire to be part of the design work on a Federal Highway Administration - Western Federal Lands Grant slope stabilization project on Lost Trail Pass. Jim Porter said they are on the on-call list to be considered if the decision is made to hire a consultant and having a recommendation from the county would help their chances of being selected. JUB is the engineering firm that completed the Rattlesnake Bridge which officially opened last January. The county agreed to write the letter.

The Board of County Commissioners went on to hear a report on the Lemhi Education Program and an update from Steele Memorial Hospital. The board ended the dayís agenda with a joint City/County meeting regarding the possibilities of building a second bridge near town to provide a back-up access across the Salmon River.

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