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Using designated parking space for special events that demand extra parking was the topic of speakers during the Salmon City Council’s public comment opportunities at its April 20 meeting.

Shannon Weaver spoke as a representative of the Farmer’s Market. She said parking space is needed for the Farmers Market customers and vendors however it won’t be available during Salmon River Days because the area across the street from the market will be cordoned off for a street dance which doesn’t take place until the evening hours. She said the topic was discussed at a recent Farmers Market potluck and it was suggested if it is a street dance it should take place on a street such as Andrews Street which is already closed for the Salmon’s 4th of July event. Weaver said she thinks using what little public parking there is, is a detriment to the businesses.

She said she knows the short-handed Salmon River Days Committee is working very hard and that it’s too late to revise plans for this year. Weaver suggested that perhaps the city could send representatives to this year’s nightly dances to view the attendance along with reviewing possible ways of tightening up the space taken by hay bales. Weaver hoped that next year consideration will be given to moving the dancing to Andrews Street or some other alternative location.

Shanda Fitte was the next speaker and the topic was parking space during Salmon River Days.

Fitte is the owner of the Precious Cargo Early Learning Center which is located across the street from Town Square Park and the Farmers Market. She said there is never enough parking space to meet the demand during the weekend market or events such as Salmon River Days. She said when all events including the parade are going at once the congestion is really a safety issue. She said in the last two years of the street dance there has been no one there during the day except for an afternoon auction and the empty parking area is cordoned off. Fitte said that Farmers Market sales are low when there is no place to park.

The Precious Cargo building is also Fitte’s home and the music from the dance goes on until after midnight while their driveway becomes a crowded parking lot. She hoped a different Street Dance location can be found for next year. She also spoke during an allotted time on the agenda about a long list of issues which included a repeated request for crosswalks and no parking signs where students from the Carmen Charter School enter and exit their buses. The same request was made a year ago. At the end of the detailed list she asked the city to generally respect her family’s personal private property rights. Mayor Marshall will take Fitte’s list to the appropriate department heads.

In his public comment time Bob Wiederrick changed the subject to the Whitewater Park and how even those who support the project don’t want the city to fund it. He is proposing an ordinance be adopted which reads, “The City of Salmon, including the City Council Staff and other authorities within city government, is prohibited from spending any city funds or authorizing any city in-kind services in support of Salmon Whitewater Park. The city is expressly prohibited from contributing city funds or in-kind services 1, to promote the park or its events or 2 to support the park proponents fund raising activities or, for the park’s design, permitting, construction, maintenance or demolition.” He said the City Council tends to want to reinterpret the original agreement with the Whitewater organization which states, “The city shall not be responsible for any funding for the project.”

Wiederrick said he would like to have a first reading of the proposed ordinance in a May council meeting.

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