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Lemhi County Treasurer Mary Ann Heisman presented the Lemhi County Commissioners with a list containing four parcels of land that have not paid taxes in three years as of Monday April 25, 2016.

Heiser recommended the county take the deeds for the amount owed as of 2012, hold the deeds for one year then make them available for auction.

Two of the four parcels are located in Lake Creek Subdivision and two are in the Elk Bend areas of Salmon River Meadows and Salmon River Estates. The Salmon River Estates parcel includes a lot with a house.

Heiser explained the Treasurer’s Office does extensive title searches, advertises in the newspaper and makes every attempt to contact delinquent property owners prior to recommending the tax deeds be taken. The expense of the title search, advertising, mailings, phone calls and time is added to the outstanding balance. Property owners will have one year from the date the deeds are taken to redeem their property by paying what is owed.

The commissioners conducted a tax auction Monday afternoon, April 25, on a deed taken last year. The lot was located in Salmon River Meadows and sold for $855.

The buyer of county auctioned property is responsible for research into any restrictions that might be attached to the tax deeded property. Tax deeds are taken each year on the fourth Monday of April which means the next deed taking will be April 24, 2017.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman told the commissioners that Gina Knudson has been elected as chairman of the County Planning and Zoning Commission and James Malcolm was elected as Vice Chairman.

Goodman said applications for building permits are taking off and new construction and new businesses are opening including a sprinkler company. He said it’s nice to see the new business and new people coming to town especially with an already successful business. He said work is continuing on a new wing at the Meadows and earthwork has begun for the new Steele Memorial Hospital Clinic building.

Landfill Manager Ken Boese reported that someone has dumped furniture and left an elk carcass to rot at the Iron Creek transfer site. He said the Sheriff’s Office and Fish and Game Department are looking into who did the illegal dumping and would appreciate any information the public might have. Boese provided photos of the remains and suggested installing a security gate and cameras. He also updated the commissioners on landfill equipment and recycling details and ongoing communications with the Department of Environmental Quality.

Rachel Layman of Salmon Valley Stewardship met with the county board to explain the proposed Federal Lands Access Program match on the Highway 93 South trail. The county contribution will be hydro-seeding by the Lemhi County Weed Department after the trail is built plus gravel material from the County Road & Bridge Department. County Prosecutor Bruce Withers requested an out-of-pocket figure the county can expect from this phase of the project. Layman said the $62,000 can be from “in-kind” services, or soft match, and does not have to be in cash. She said there is a section in the agreement that provides the option of modifying the agreement at any time by mutual consent. Commissioner Ken Miner said the county is most concerned about the trail’s long term maintenance and Layman said the Salmon Valley Trails Committee has committed to long term fund raising and not putting any administrative duties on the county. JoAnn Wolters, long time participant in the local trails program, used Teton County as an example of a trail committee successfully taking care of yearly trail cleaning and upkeep. She said the diversity of interest shown at Salmon Valley Trails Committee meetings is very positive.

The commissioners signed an MOU for the $62,000 soft match.

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