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The city of Salmon has been offered two vacant lots at the corner of Shoup and Center Streets for the sum of $60,000. Councilmen interested in considering the purchase are thinking in terms of additional downtown parking. The offer to purchase was first presented to the City Council in early March by Attorney Chace Slavin who was acting on behalf of the property owner.

At the April 20 council meeting a motion to have the property owner supply the city with an appraisal did not pass. It was then decided to continue the topic at the next meeting. Following more discussion at the May 4 council meeting a motion was made to contact Slavin and ask him to ask his client to supply an appraisal on the property with the understanding that if supplied, the appraisal will be considered in the upcoming budget process. The motion passed on a four to one vote with Councilman Russ Chinske casting the ‘no’ vote.

Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt reported he had met with surveyor Tom Taylor at the site of the proposed three way property exchange between Mike Beers, Milton (Jock) Slavin and the city of Salmon. Shanafelt said Taylor has a map of the proposed boundaries. Once the parties involved approve the boundaries there will be a public hearing on the proposed property exchange.

A realignment of Kay Street requested some time ago by the District 291 School Board was revisited. The Board asked for a right-of-way adjustment that will remove the bend in the road so the street will be straight and further away from the future Multi-Purpose facility. After some discussion as to what is platted and what isn’t and what party should supply the survey City Attorney Fred Snook said it is up to the school to supply a survey since it is a School Board request. A letter was sent from the city to the board almost a year ago. No response was received. Snook will send another letter. Shanafelt said since there is a request to get the alignment done it needs to get done.

The City Council unanimously voted to appoint Judy Washbon as the person to present interpretive programs at the Sacajawea Center. She will be stepping into the role previously filled by Mike Crosby. The professional services agreement is not to exceed the total sum of $1,760 for the services to be rendered from June 1 through September 15, 2016.

The council unanimously approved Salmon River Propane as the city’s 2016-17 propane provider. The agreement spans the time frame of May 1st to May 1st. Salmon River Propane’s bid of .89 a gallon and $40.00 an hour for any required labor was less than a bid from Valley Wide Cooperative which quoted .999 a gallon and $65.00 an hour labor with the first 15 hours of labor free.

The city uses propane at the City Swimming Pool, the City Water Treatment Plant, the City Shop and the Salmon Valley Business and Innovation Center.

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