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The Salmon City Council has unanimously voted to stop allowing Sunday interment services at the cemetery. The vote came after hearing about the discontent caused when city crews have to take time away from their Sundays at home with families and the complaints from drivers transporting and installing the burial vaults. The drivers have stated that Salmon is one of only two towns in the state providing services for Sunday burials.

Public Works Crew boss James Miller suggested the city code related to burials be changed to include Sundays on the current list of days the cemetery does not provide services. In answer to council questions Miller said it takes two crewmen from three to four hours to complete the ground preparation process. He said the staff’s issue is about the loss of family time on Sundays.

City Clerk Mary Benton said another part of the Sunday issue has to do with the fact concrete vaults are not available locally which means vaults have to be driven to Salmon when a burial is scheduled even if it is on a Sunday.

Mayor Leo Marshall reminded the council that a few years ago, after it was found that plastic vaults were prone to collapsing, it was decided only concrete vaults would be allowed in the Salmon Cemetery. Due to their weight the concrete vaults have to be lowered into the ground by the vault company’s boom truck.

The council vote to add Sundays to the current list of holidays was given in support of the city staff’s request.

The City Council requested a visit from the Forest Service so that prescribed burn schedules can be discussed. Councilman Rob Jackson said he wants yearly coordinating visits prior to the burn season so that prescribed burns won’t be set during scheduled town events.

Complaints about the amount of smoke and poor air quality from a prescribed burn during this year’s Salmon Valley Horse Sale are what prompted the request. Mayor Marshall will contact local Salmon/Challis Forest Supervisor Chuck Mark.

Craig McCallum of the Salmon Whitewater Park Association updated the council on the organization’s activities during the past month. He said the group is working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Idaho Department of Fish and Game engineers, “… to make sure the project is safe for all stages of life, fish included.” He said they are specifically focused on the juvenile Steelhead and Chinook.

He presented a list of possible dates for a previously discussed two hour council work session where the organization’s thoughts on long-term park maintenance and liability coverage can be discussed.

A date of Tuesday, June 7 was selected. The meeting will take place at 10AM in the City Hall Conference Room.

McCallum invited the councilmen to attend this year’s “Riverfest” which will take place June 3rd and 4th. The event will include movies the evening of the 3rd and on the 4th a Fun Float plus river races from the Shoup Bridge to town topped off with an evening of music and pulled pork at the Sacajawea Center.
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