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The Salmon City Council was told June 1st that Salmon School District 291 no longer wants Kay Street extended or changed in any way.

City Attorney Fred Snook said the original request came from when a new multi-purpose facility was being planned. That plan is now on hold. He said the original estimates for the facility were around $400,000 and if that had been the case it probably could have been built by now. Unfortunately current estimates have topped $3.2 million which Snook said simply isnít happening. He said for now that particular project has withered. He assured the council the work that city crews donated toward site preparation for the proposed multi-purpose facility went towards what is still regarded as a school related improvement.

Snook said that sometime in the future there will probably be a new school, most likely a high school, so for now the School Board wants to leave Kay Street the way it is.

The council went on to unanimously change the cityís ordinance related to the Cemetery. A proposal to discontinue providing city services for Sunday burials was discussed at the May 18 council meeting. At the June 1 meeting the council reviewed the newly written amendment to City Ordinance 16-815 Title 12, Chapter 1, section 72-1-7 C. A motion was unanimously passed to suspend the three readings rule that is required when changing an ordinance. A motion was then made to remove Sunday burial services from the ordinance and it was passed unanimously on its first reading.

A city/county agreement for the city to employ the services of the County Building Department is coming due for its yearly renewal. The original arrangement of having the County Building Department handle the cityís Planning and Zoning work was initiated in August of 2014.

City Clerk Mary Benton told the council the Building Department has requested a $2,000 increase bringing the yearly sum to $12,000 and that the agreement renewal is due in October. The request was submitted in time to be considered in the cityís upcoming budget process for 2016-2017. She said the needed change is to remove an old code reference and use only Title 11 of the Salmon City Code when mentioning compliance with flood plain management rules and regulations.

Councilman Jim Bockelman requested as part of the services provided, there be reports to the council from the Building Department. He said they could be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or whatever is agreed upon. Other councilmen agreed urging reports on city building statistics and permit application fees collected.

During the councilís Roundtable Discussion Council President Jim Baker reported on a preliminary plat of the Beers-Slavin-city property exchange. He said he had notices some differences between the draft and the original agreement and recommended putting the topic on the next meeting agenda. Councilman Neal James commended the Cemetery crew on the wonderful work done getting the cemetery grounds ready for Memorial Day visitors. Mayor Leo Marshall added that all the city crews contributed to the work. As a result, the Main Street flags were not put in place and he apologized for that. He added things are well in hand for the Flag Day display.

James also asked if more faucets could be installed at the Cemetery for grave site flower watering. The water is non-potable and he asked Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt if additional faucets could be placed mid-way and on the upper end. Shanafelt said the faucets would only work when the sprinkler system is operating but it probably could be done.

Councilman Jim Bockelman added his thanks to the crews that worked at the Cemetery. Bockelman changed the topic to whether or not the Idaho Street property owned by the city is buildable. It turned out the answer depends on who is being asked. Clerk Benton will track down a solid opinion by the next meeting. Bockelman commented on the perennial weed patches around the city which are thriving thanks to recent rains. He recommended contacting the weed patch property owners.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place June 15 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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