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The possibility of using the Salmon sewage treatment plant for fecal matter collected in North Fork from Middle Fork float trips was discussed by the City of Salmonís Public Works Team at its June 8 meeting. It was noted that city staff time will be required to study the planís feasibility.

The team decided to continue the discussion of non-connecting city streets at a future meeting. The topic has been presented by local emergency services because dead end streets cause time consuming confusion when emergency responders are trying to locate an address.

Council President Jim Baker reported the Public Works team reviewed non-standard service accounts and will report findings at its July meeting. He said a report on the Beers/Slavin property realignment/exchange will be given at a July City Council meeting and a proposed property vacation/exchange on Copper Street between Court House Drive and Bryan Avenue will be discussed during the July Team meeting.

The next Public Works Team meeting will be July 13 at 2PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

Councilman Rob Jackson reported that possible Softball Association contract changes, brought to the June 8 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team by Jamie Phillips, were referred to City Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson for review.

Jackson said the next topic was dogs running loose in city parks, including at the Sacajawea Center. Possible signage was discussed but Jackson said no conclusions were reached as to how the problem can be fixed. After more research the discussion will be continued.

Parking on the lawn at the south end of Veteranís Memorial Park and dog ownerís access to Island Park were other subjects discussed. The parking issue was referred to the Public Works and Public Safety teams to research the possibility of curbs and gutters and to make a determination about the proper number of parking spaces.

Jackson said that during the teamís Roundtable discussion Councilman Jim Bockelman spoke of a need to define the Cemetery Sextonís duties.

In the Sacajawea Center update Lin Gray reported the center opened on May 30 and since then there have been 360 visitors.

Jackson said a toilet at the center backed up, overflowed and caused significant water damage to the downstairs. An Idaho Falls restoration company has dried out ceilings and floors and a local contractor will be hired for drywall repairs. All of the damage will be covered by insurance and research is being done into getting the bathroom floors sealed.

Jackson said that the RV volunteer hosts are on site and trained and that June 18 had been scheduled for the 2nd annual Fatherís Day Shoot.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team will be at 3:30PM in the Veteranís Memorial Park Pavilion on July 13.

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