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City Councilman Russ Chinske used the City Council’s Roundtable Discussion to recount a phone call he had received regarding a constituent’s complaint. He said he was told that a previously arranged rental of the Sacajawea Center had been canceled within 24 hours however; the entire fee was kept and not refunded. Chinske asked that a review of the center’s rental policies be placed on a future agenda and the matter was referred to the Finance Team.

On a lighter note Councilman Rob Jackson thanked the city’s Public Works Department for managing to make the pavement lines going up the Bar Hill road the straightest they have ever been.

The city has been debating the sale of city owned property on Idaho Avenue and at the June 15 council meeting it was announced that the property has been determined buildable if all three lots are purchased. Research from previous sale attempts shows it would cost $15,000 to run water and sewer lines to the property. The property has not been assessed because it is owned by the city and is therefore not taxed.

The council has decided to ask city staff to get an appraisal from the Courthouse along with comparable values and an approximation of what the taxes on the property would be. . Councilman Jim Bockelman questioned the reason for selling it since it is not costing the city anything and cautioned it should not be listed at a ‘give away’ price since the property does have value to its neighbors.

On another matter of property the council gave unanimous approval to a plat map of the Beers/Slavin property realignment/exchange. City utilities currently run under the Beers property. An agreement states that whenever the city decides to move or repair the sewer line it will relocate the new line to city property and abandon the old line. City Attorney Fred Snook said the necessary deeds must now be signed by all parties and an official legal description of the properties has to be written and published. After that a public hearing on the transaction will be scheduled.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Salmon City Council will be July 6. A special Council meeting on the 2016-2017 budget will be held at 6PM on June 23rd.

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