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As the city still awaits approvals required to build the Island Park Bridge the Salmon City Council is moving forward on securing the services of Civil Engineering Consultant William Gibbs who has been contracted to oversee all the bridge building details.

The Council voted unanimously to approve a written contract with Gibbs which includes consulting services expected and an hourly breakdown of estimated costs not to exceed $15,000. City Community Development Coordinator Mary Cerise told the council the contract has been reviewed and approved by the city’s attorney.

In other business the council unanimously approved a special event permit for the third annual “Skate Your Fate” sponsored by Calvary Chapel’s Skaters in Christ. The event will take place at the Salmon Skate Park on July 16 from 9AM to 9PM.

A nameless platted street in Salmon has been given a name. The street is located near the Highway 28/93 junction and runs east from Highway 93 to behind the Dollar Store. The name request came from the Lemhi County Building Department for purposes of 911 Emergency Addressing. The council was told that old county records show the street was originally called “Old Lemhi Road” which in modern times is a duplication of names.

In keeping with the area’s rather old fashioned ladies’ names, the Building Department suggested the name “Minnie.” The council unanimously approved Minnie Street as the street’s official designation.

The city is contemplating the sale of city owned property on Idaho Street and had requested a property assessment. The report from the Lemhi County Appraiser’s Office is that appraisals on comparable properties show a value of $22,500. A decision on whether or not to list the property for sale will be placed on the July 20 City Council Meeting Agenda.

Roundtable Discussion topics included Councilman Jim Bockelman calling attention to the weeds sprouting between the curbs and sidewalks and faded cross walk markings. In answer to the crosswalk paint City Community Development Coordinator Mary Cerise said date estimates on seal coating streets indicate the work will begin around the end of July. Councilman Rob Jackson brought attention to the very nice new fence installed by Jason Beyeler at City Park

Compliments to the organizers of this year’s Salmon River Days were unanimous. Jackson said he thought the July 4th weekend went very well minus a few bumps which will be addressed. Councilman Russ Chinske congratulated businesses and the city itself for the good job of making the event nice for a lot of folks. Councilman Neal James worked with the Salmon River Days Committee and on behalf of the committee he thanked the city and all the city crews and planners for the help and support. Councilman Ken Hill also thanked the committee as well as BriAnne Bruno for all the work that went into planning the event. He said it was the biggest 4th of July crowd he has ever seen in this town.

During Public Comments city resident Dave Gusky congratulated and thanked the city for a very successful 4th of July event. He said he heard many good comments especially about the parade.

Parade participant Mayor Leo Marshall remarked on the very large attendance he saw at Friday’s Salmon River Days Parade which was, for the record, 55 minutes long.

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