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The city requires agreements between the sports teams that use City Park and other city facilities but according to a report at the July 20 meeting of the Salmon City Council those agreements are not working.

City Clerk Mary Benton said the agreements need to be renewed on a yearly basis however due to the constant changeover of volunteer helpers she never knows who to call and questioned whether it is the cityĎs responsibility to initiate reminders.

The various agreements with baseball teams state that they are allowed to run concession stands and keep the proceeds in exchange for maintaining the in-fields. The city takes care of out-field maintenance. In order to do that city crews have to know when games are scheduled. Benton said either the agreements should be canceled or specific responsibilities as to who does what have to be established because at it stands now it is a nightmare for the city.

Suggestions during the discussion included; charging a fee for use of the fields, scheduling on a reserve basis, creating a public service announcement that says teams cannot play without an updated yearly agreement and that advance schedules are required for all users of the fields.

The problem was sent back to the Parks and Recreation Team.

In a brief update City Development Coordinator Mary Cerise told the council the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is currently reviewing the contract and bidding documents for the Sidewalk Improvement Project. ITD approval of all documents is required. She said that because Main Street is a federal highway, special federal forms are involved which will also be reviewed by City Attorney Snook. Cerise asked the councilís permission to move forward in putting the work out for bids when everything is approved. She said if all goes well and is in place a pre-bid meeting will be held August 4 at 2PM and bids will be due and opened on August 16 with possible approval and contract award as early as the 17th.

The council unanimously approved moving forward with the project.

The council also unanimously approved making three city owned lots on Idaho Avenue available for sale. The lots have recently been assessed at $22,500 and the combined lots have been declared buildable. Connecting the property to city utilities has been estimated to cost $15,000.

The council agreed to sell the property for a minimum of $5,000.

Councilman Rob Jackson reported that due to the closure of the Lemhi Road the amount of traffic on State Highway 28 is very heavy. He suggested the City Limit signs be moved further out to the actual city limits as a way of possibly slowing the speed of traffic.

The subject of excess speed past City Park has been an issue with the council for years however; based on traffic counts the Idaho Transportation Department has refused to lower the speed limit.

Due to the fact the state owns the right-of-way along both sides of 28 the city canít be digging post holes near the highway or erecting signs.

It was decided that Mayor Leo Marshall will take the city limit sign request to the local ITD representative.

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