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An ordinance approving the city’s projected $4,231,144 budget passed its second reading at the August 3 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

The motion to approve was passed on a three to two vote. Those voting in favor were Council President Jim Baker, Councilmen Ken Hill and Jim Bockelman. Those voting against approval were Councilmen Russ Chinske and Rob Jackson.

One more reading will be conducted before budget Ordinance 16-816 becomes official.

The council referred an annexation request from Gary Beers, involving 3.47 acres of property, to the City Planning and Zoning Commission.

During the council’s Roundtable Discussion Bockelman relayed a constituent’s thanks for the warm showers at the swimming pool. He commended all involved for the successful system work which is now providing hot water. He also said the word about town is the committee that has been organizing the Salmon River Days celebration and fireworks display for the last couple of years may not be doing it next year.

Jackson said curbs on the east side of Water Street which indicate a no parking zone need to be repainted. He suggested either enforcing the no parking restriction or dispensing with it. Mayor Leo Marshall said it may be the latter since the original reason for parking restrictions on that side of the street had to do with the Carmen School bus loading and off- loading students. Now that the bus stop has been moved there is probably no reason to limit Water Street parking. An official ruling will be made later. Councilman Chinske, referring to the air quality topic earlier in the evening, said he has been approached in the past about air quality issues. He said he believes a lot of people are concerned and that there will be no problem in gathering residents interested in helping. Councilman Neal James also referred to the air quality topic. He said, “I like the way the state comes in and tells us what we’re going to do and makes it sound like they’re asking us.” He also disagrees with the state’s excluding the federal government from any air quality responsibility.

Mayor Marshall reported on his council requested Dollar Store visit to discuss the store’s weed problem. He said the store manager had informed company management several times of the problem and had had no response. More recently she was given permission to take care of the problem. Marshall is the host of KSRA’s afternoon Swap Shop program and just that day a caller had offered his weed cutting services. The mayor relayed the caller’s contact number to the store.

Marshall said he had attempted to contact the Highway Department’s local representative Jeff Eagle but he is always out working. The purpose of his attempts was to ask about having the state move the city’s City Limits signs to where the boundaries actually begin on all city entrances: State Highway 28; US Highway 93 South and US Highway 93 North.

Since the council meeting Marshall has made contact and the signs will be moved. It was decided that City Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt and Eagle will work out the details.

The mayor also paid a visit to the tire company on Highway 28 which has accumulated an ever growing pile of used tires. Marshall said he was told the store is trying to get some equipment from the county so the problem can be resolved. Marshall said he will follow through and report back to the council.

In other business yearly applications for beer and wine licenses were grouped into one motion and unanimously approved. Another vote of approval came from Joe and Denyce Bigley. They attended the meeting to personally thank the council for its hard work and for reconsidering city funding in favor of their Salmon Outdoor School.

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