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Parks and Recreation Team Chairman Rob Jackson told the August 17 meeting of the Salmon City Council that dog owners who donít pick up after their pets continue to be a problem at Veterans Memorial Park. He said it is hoped a new bridge leading to Island Park where dogs are allowed to run off leash will help resolve the issue since at that point dogs will no longer be allowed in Veterans Memorial Park.

Jackson said that at the teamís August 10 meeting it was decided the study of possible changes to the current Softball agreement will continue. Once completed the teamís recommendations will be presented to the full City Council.

Cars parking on the VanDreff portion of the Veterans Memorial Park lawn are still an issue. Jackson said that after discussion the team decided it would like the Public Works Team to review the viability of curbs and gutters or fencing. The team also wants the City Council to discuss what safety measures should be taken to prevent Veterans Memorial Park visitors from wandering into the fire pit on the south side of the park.

Jackson said it was announced at the Parks and Recreation Team meeting that the Americans with Disabilities Act lift, at the swimming pool, was in operation and that there are now hot showers in the pool facility.

The final item of the meeting was a report from Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray on activities at the Center. She reported that the roof on the Kilpatrick Cabin, located near the centerís Outdoor School, has been repaired and that a very large thank you needs to go to Kathy McDonald and all the donors. McDonald spearheaded the fund-raising project that made the repairs possible.

Gray reminded everyone of the Heritage Days event set for August 19 and 20 and also reported that center visitation numbers for the season are ahead of last yearís count.

During the teamís Roundtable Discussion Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson asked the team to consider the possibility of installing a sidewalk leading to the Veterans Memorial Park restroom. He said a path is being worn from people cutting across the lawn to the restroom facility.

According to Public Safety Team Chairman, Councilman Ken Hill, the main topic of the teamís August meeting was the newly proposed helicopter landing site for Steele Memorial Medical Center and the traffic control mechanisms the center and the Federal Aviation Administration feel should be implemented on VanDreff Street during helicopter arrivals and departures.

Hill said the medical center will refine their proposal and present it to the City Council as soon as possible. He said the Public Safety Team agrees with the need for the proposed traffic controls.

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