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The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation has awarded Salmon’s Sacajawea Cultural, Interpretive and Educational Center a grant of $6,000.

Center Director Lin Gray made the announcement at the August 17 meeting of the Salmon City Council. She said the only grant requirement is an “in-kind” match which is covered by the value of time spent by Gray and an instructor. The council gave the grant its unanimous approval.

The council also unanimously approved all the Beer and Wine license renewals presented as well as a motion to accept a swimming pool use agreement with School District 291. The approval came after a discussion about who should pay for the chemicals to treat the water during the time the school is using the pool. It was decided since the city already has the required chemicals and the school pays for the propane used, the city will provide the chemicals and treatment.

The third reading of Ordinance 16-816 was passed on a four to two vote. The ordinance pertains to the annual appropriation ordinance for fiscal year 2016-2017 which amounts to $4, 231,144. The appropriation will cover the expenses and liabilities of the city of Salmon. Prior to the vote Council President Jim Baker stated he firmly believes the budget is well balanced and meets the needs of the city to the best of the council’s ability. Councilman Ken Hill commented that a lot of time and expense went into determining the budget with an eye towards keeping costs down in all departments. He said, “I think we did a great job in getting it done.”

The four councilmen in favor of the ordinance were; Jim Bockelman, Ken Hill, Neal James and Jim Baker. Those voting against approval were; Rob Jackson and Russ Chinske.

The council unanimously approved a motion to write a letter of request to the Army Corps of Engineers. The request involved giving the city a place in the line-up of areas waiting for the free flood plain management services offered by the agency.

The line for the free assistance is from four to six years long. For more immediate results the cost for re-evaluating the flood plain area is around $70,000 which could be covered if people in the involved area wish to form a Local Improvement District and commit to around 20 years of payments.

The present flood zones were designated and drawn in the mid 1980’s.

The reason behind getting Salmon’s flood plain boundaries re-evaluated is the expensive insurance costs brought on by present maps. Dwellings within the current boundaries are forced to carry flood insurance in areas where, according to local surveyor Larry Wade, the terrain and grades of slope make flooding highly unlikely.

Another unanimous council decision involved denying a claim submitted in regards to a sidewalk accident at Veterans Memorial Park. The matter was discussed in executive session earlier in the evening. The council’s decision to deny the claim was announced in open session.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be September 7 beginning at 6PM in the Salmon City Center meeting room.

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