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The bottom line of a discussion on changes made to a fence in City Park was; the people who made the changes should have first consulted the city.

Councilman Rob Jackson led the discussion which was complete with pictures he had taken of the fence. He said that for fence strength Jason Beyeler had redesigned the fence rail to be positioned on top of the posts instead of being attached to the sides of the posts. Jackson said the top rail had been taken down but was now back in place. He said he wants to see the fence put back to the same standard it was before the changes were made. Jackson also compared the screws used on the fence to strengths provided when spikes are used.

Councilman Jim Bockelman questioned whether the Parks Department had the money to fund the $9,500 project and asked who authorized the project because it wasnít the City Council. He maintained whatís done is done and recommended moving on. He said the Softball Association cares about how the park looks and brings a lot of people to town for tournaments. He said the association wanted to meet with the Parks and Recreation Team but there were no team meetings held during the time of the project.

Councilman Neal James summed it up by saying the Softball Association is no different than any other and should have come to the City Council first. He added that in his opinion the screws used are too small for the rails.

Mayor Leo Marshall asked Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt to take a look at the screws in relation to the strength of the fence.

During the councilís Roundtable discussion Councilman Russ Chinske gave a rave review to the recent Blues, Brews and Barbeque event held at the Sacajawea Center. He said it showcased what a great place the center provides for a gathering. He thanked all the people who made the annual event so successful.

Councilman Bockelman said he is glad to see Main Street and Challis Street are finally oiled, rocked and newly painted. He asked if the freshly done resurfacing from the Highway 28/93 junction to Lemhi Road is going to be sealed and Shanafelt said it is on the list for next year. Bockelman also said someone needs to ask the state to repaint the crosswalk at Highway 28 and Warpath Street.

Councilman Jackson commented on how nice the hanging baskets of flowers look along Main Street and sent thanks to Steve Demick for providing them.

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