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Jan Blackadar is one of three trained advocates working at the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention Mahoney House and she delivered an update on services provided there to the September 7 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

She said the Mahoney House staff serves victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, elder abuse and stalking and unfortunately the need for those free services continues to exist. Scott Brand is the Mahoney House Director and Joe Philpott is Assistant Director

Blackadar said they offer 24 different programs through their affiliation with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. She said the Mahoney House has a good working relationship with local law enforcement which is not always the case in other communities.

As a long time Salmon resident Blackadar said the job with Mahoney House is certainly an eye opener. She said she had had no idea of the problems in this little community which effect and cross all sectors. She said they do keep demographic records showing general information but personal details are kept confidential.

Blackadar pointed out the fact the crisis center is on Main Street and said that makes a great statement about the community’s intention to acknowledge and work on the problem instead of trying to hide it on a back street.

The Mahoney House is an emergency shelter which provides a temporary solution. It is not a live-in situation. Blackadar said people have stayed there on occasion but only temporarily.

She said although there is no licensed attorney on staff or licensed counselor there are referral paths and there are many other services offered such as parenting classes, a women’s support group, classes in yoga and healthy living. A licensed counselor is under contract if needed and the trained staff assists with court ordered supervised visitation in a safe environment, works with Legal Aid and offers resource referrals for food, housing, clothing and employment as well as sponsoring the Strong Boys and Strong Girls programs. Special training on trauma is going to be brought in and made available to schools, child care providers and various agencies. Blackadar said this is in line with the Mahoney House current emphasis on prevention not just after-the-fact effects. She said they are also working to establish an Ala-Teen program for young people who are at the effects of someone else’s substance abuse.

Statewide, according to the Idaho State Police, in 2014 there were 514 instances where victims sought protection from domestic violence and 5,665 incidents of violence between spouses, ex-spouses and those in dating relationships.

Office hours at the Mahoney House are Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM and the telephone number is 756-3145. There is also a 24/7 crisis phone line where someone is always available. That number is 940-0600. Blackadar said their first priority is always client safety which is taken very seriously along with client confidentiality.

On October 1st Mahoney House will host an October Festival and an Open House will be held on October 14.

The Mahoney House is non-profit organization and depends on grants, donations and the ever popular Idaho Spud lunch fund raiser.

Blackadar thanked the City Council for its time and continued support.
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