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The Salmon City Council conducted three public hearings during its September 7 three hour meeting.

The first Public Hearing involved a property exchange that will restore original configurations of Snook Street in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Annex. City Attorney Fred Snook said that street has been in existence for 60 or 70 years. Recent surveys show property owner Mike Beers owns land that protrudes into the street and that the city has encroached on property Beers wishes to develop. Milton (Jock) Slavin owns property part of which also extends into the street.

Snook said the property exchange will involve a city deed to Mike Beers of approximately 394 square feet of land. In exchange Beers will give the city 431 square feet of land which will correct a sharp corner where Beers’ land projects into the street. The city will deed approximately 1,614 square feet to Slavin in exchange for Slavin deeding the city 1,342 square feet of property. Snook said the property exchange basically involves four small parcels of property, two of which are intruding into Snook Street. He said the exchanges will allow the street to be restored to its original area.

There were no written comments or comments of any kind offered at the hearing, therefore no rebuttal was needed and the hearing was closed.

The second hearing pertained to the city’s proposal to sell lots 24, 25 and 26 in the Finstur Subdivision. The city owned property on Idaho Avenue is located in block 10.

The council had agreed on July 20 to list the property for sale. It set a minimum bid price of $5,000. There was one written comment from Gayla Lesley in favor of the sale. It was established that no council member had a conflict of interest and there were no comments in opposition to the sale or neutral to the idea. The hearing was closed.

The city will now advertise the property for sale in the legal section of the Recorder Herald and request sealed bids.

The third Public Hearing of the evening involved an amendment to the city’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget which will end this September 30th. City Finance Director Amy Fealko explained that the budget changes to Ordinance 16-817 had already been approved by the council earlier in the year. The changes involved: $11,500 to be taken from the General Fund for the Recreational Vehicle parking pads at the Sacajawea Center; $10,000 from the Cemetery Fund for additional labor which was required at the cemetery and $133,925 to be taken from the Streets and Alleys Fund for the Island Park Bridge engineering, biological assessment and the bridge’s deck. Fealko said the total amount of the budget changes was $155,425.

There were no comments offered at the hearing and the hearing was officially closed.

Later in the meeting the council suspended the three reading rule required to amend or pass an ordinance and passed the amendment to Ordinance 16-817 on its first reading.

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