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At the request of City Councilman Jim Bockelman the concept of sidewalk repair/replacement cost-sharing was discussed at the September 28 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

Bockelman’s impetus comes from the upcoming sidewalk replacement project in the downtown area and Idaho Statute 50-316 which says cities ‘may’ choose to assess property owners adjacent to unsafe sidewalks some or all of the costs for repairing or replacing those sidewalks. The planned downtown sidewalk project is being done with grant funds and some city funds. Bockelman said the council has yet to determine if adjacent property owners will be expected to pay for any portion of those costs. He said he feels that to replace any portion of the downtown sidewalks at what seems to be no cost to adjacent property owners then, at some time in the future, continue sidewalk repairs at a possible cost to adjacent property owners would be unfair. He said that now is the time to officially determine, by way of ordinance, whether or not adjacent property owners are going to be expected to pay some of the costs and if so, how much for this project or any future project. Bockelman feels a cost sharing plan between the city and property owners would be the fair thing to do and would help make funds for this project go further.

Questions regarding what is fair and what isn’t continued throughout the discussion that followed. No decisions were made other than leaving the conversation open to further review.

Further review was also decided for renaming city streets that end in one area and begin again in another. The council did not agree that attaching the words ‘north or ‘south’ to street names would make the streets in question any easier to find. The issue at hand is to make it easier for emergency personnel to quickly find locations where their services are needed.

Police Chief KV Felker was asked to comment and he said his officers don’t have much problem finding addresses but they are always out on patrol whereas; emergency personnel may be called to an area for the first time. He said the biggest issue is to make sure addresses are clearly visible.

The topic was tabled and sent to the Safety Team for further discussion.

The council also moved to table a City Park camping request from the Ride Idaho organization. The August 8, 2017 ride would involve 340 riders with around 250 tents and 40 vehicles. The request includes making a location available that would accommodate all campers and be close to the downtown business area.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Team will confer with local camp grounds owners and research logistics related to that number of campers.

The council voted to move forward on an agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality concerning air quality in the city. The city’s obligation is to select a committee and organize an educational air quality awareness campaign.

During public comments former councilman and former Road and Bridge Supervisor Bud Bartlett complimented Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt and his crew along with Kerrie Cheney and his County Road and Bridge crew for the joint effort that went into seal-coating city streets this past Summer. He said the project was well planned with very little traffic interference and was an awfully good job.

A motion to cancel the council’s October 5 meeting due its close proximity to the September 28 meeting ended in a three to three tie vote. After checking with City Clerk Mary Benton as to any imminent issues Mayor Leo Marshall broke the tie with a ‘yes’ vote. Therefore; the next meeting of the Salmon City Council will take place October 19 at 6PM in the City Hall Meeting Room.

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