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The Public Safety Team met briefly on September 14 according to Team Chairman Councilman Ken Hill, and was pleased to hear the present bus loading and off-loading arrangements for Carmen Charter School students is working well.

Those in attendance at the meeting were: Hill, Councilmen Russ Chinske and Neal James, Chief of Police KV Felker, Robin Phillips and Jim Smith.

Hill told the September 28 meeting of the Salmon City Council that in response to a number of inquiries related to Idahoís open and concealed weapons laws a review of the laws and a team discussion about them was held. He said the questions were centered on whether or not the city was considering any changes as the law applies to this area. Hill said that the team and interested parties were in agreement that no action on the part of the city is needed or desired.

The cityís Parks and Recreation Team also met on the 14th and Team Chairman Councilman Rob Jackson reported meeting events to the full City Council on September 28.

Jackson said it was unanimously decided to eliminate the process of establishing agreements with the softball, baseball and T-Ball organizations. Instead, a recommendation by City Clerk Mary Benton was accepted that each team be asked to submit to the City Parks Department a schedule of dates when they plan to use the fields. That way the Parks Department will know what days will be open for watering or mowing. The teamís recommendation was forwarded to the City Council where the simplification was unanimously approved.

Other subjects discussed by the team included camping in city parks and a city park fence modification. Jackson said City Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson is still looking for a mower that fits city parks and cemetery mowing requirements.

Jackson said the team also discussed the fire pit at Veterans Park. Team members agreed there should be some safety modifications and forwarded their recommendation to the full council. On September 28, after a discussion about whether or not it was a good idea for the city to be in the fire pit business, the council passed a motion to have the cityís Public Works Department make safety improvements to the existing Veteranís Park fire pit. The vote count was four to two with Jackson, Russ Chinske, Neal James and Ken Hill voting in favor, Jim Bockelman and Jim Baker voting against.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team will be October 12 at 3:30PM in the City Hall Conference Room.
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