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Prior to her detailed report on pool use during this year’s swimming season former City Recreation Director Judy Barkley thanked her great City Hall staff for all the paperwork and certificate help provided this year as well as thanks to her young staff workers. She also thanked City Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson, Dan Rackham of the Parks and Recreation Department, Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Charlie Cockrell and gave a special thanks to City Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt. She said they were always there when needed. She then commended Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray for this year’s outstanding “Fall Frolic” success.

The working-retired Barkley presented the October 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council with a statistical report on total pool usage, a comparison to 2010 usage numbers and results of a short survey. The number of hours the pool was in use this year was 6179 plus 2400 student hours bringing the total to 8579 hours. That compares to a 2010 total of 6594. The 2010 swim season was actually four and a half weeks longer than this year’s season yet most of the numbers are very close. She used 2010 figures because those were the most recent statistics available. There were 250 swimming lessons given this season which produced an income of $14,555.

Barkley said the most remarkable improvement at the pool is warm water for showers and warm water in the pool for early morning swimming. Councilman Jim Bockelman interjected the warm showers are due to the newly installed heating system which at first glance has saved from $5,000 to $6,000 in propane costs. City Finance Director Amy Fealko will check on the actual gallons of propane used compared to previous years.

Barkley mentioned there were no closures this year due to chemical issues. There were two closures due to fecal matter in the pool and the weather caused several closures in the late afternoon hours.

She detailed the number of adult, child, senior and family uses and suggested having a guest book next year to track visitors from outside the area. Another suggestion for next year is the addition of small-child related play items. As to the survey the overall cleanliness of the pool received high marks however the comments on shower room cleanliness were discouraging since the shower rooms are cleaned every afternoon and toilets, sinks showers and floors are disinfected daily. Barkley believes wall stains give the impression of uncleanliness and said the walls really need to be painted at least once every four years. The last paint job was eight years ago. As to ratings for the swimming pool staff, on a scale of one to 10 four ratings were under nine and 47 ratings were between nine and ten. Pool Safety received 11 ratings of eight and below as compared to 42 ratings of nines and 10’s.

Barkley also provided a list of needed repairs which included replacement of tiles at water level and on the bottom of the pool plus new ceiling paint for the women’s locker room.

In preparation for next year, Bockelman reported three companies are scheduled to check physical conditions of the swimming pool from top to bottom and submit proposals to the city as to what is needed to put the pool in good working order.

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