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City Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise told the December 7 meeting of the Salmon City Council that the Island Park Bridge project is basically complete.

She said Contractor Doug Westfall is being paid minus an expected change order which should be available to the council at its next meeting. More work will be done in the Spring when the weather moderates and asphalt can be applied to the decking and approaches. That will also be the time for planting of shrubs and native vegetation along the west side approaches. Cerise said the Island Park Bridge is now open to foot traffic, as is the Pedestrian Bridge, and as soon as safety barriers are installed the bridge will be open for vehicular traffic. She warned that the approaches will be slick because of the packed gravel surface and due to the corrugated decking on the bridge it will feel bumpy to drivers until the springtime coating of asphalt.

Cerise thanked the city’s agency partners and contractors who have completed a tough project on a very tight time-line in an expedited and professional effort. Among those thanked were: Daniel Bertram and the Upper Salmon River Basin Watershed Project which she said provided invaluable assistance, local Idaho Department of Fish and Game personnel, the US Army Corps of Engineers, City Engineer Bill Gibbs along with Contractor Doug Westfall and the concrete expertise of Brett Baird. She also thanked Mark Troy of Idaho Adventures for allowing their property to be used for parking by bridge building equipment and personnel.

The council unanimously approved installation of concrete “Jersey Barriers” and rocks to make the wing wall approaches safer.

Cerise then introduced the reworked City Transportation Plan and emphasized it is to be used as a guide for the future not as something set permanently in place.

The council discussed whether or not to place numbered priorities on future projects such as an alternative bridge crossing which the plan now rates as a number one priority. Cerise pointed out some elements of the Transportation Plan such as replacement maps which as of that meeting were missing but will be included. Cerise said she would like to see the Transportation Plan approved that evening since the December 20 Council Meeting will be her last.

Councilman Russ Chinske made a motion to approve the plan that evening as-is however; City Clerk Mary Benton said immediate approval was not possible because the plan can only be adopted as a Resolution which has not yet been written or passed

Councilman Neal James thought there was no need to give an order of importance to the list of projects the Transportation Plan identifies. The council went on to place projects in a numbered sequence and amended Chinske’s ’motion-to- approve’ to include placing the alternative bridge at the bottom of the list. A vote on the amendment passed five to one with James casting the ‘no’ vote. Chinske’s motion to have Cerise move forward on the City of Salmon Transportation Plan as now written and to submit a written Resolution was passed unanimously.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be Tuesday, December 20, beginning at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center Meeting Room.


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