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The Salmon City Council handled several items of business at its last meeting of 2016, which was held on December 20.

A yearly agreement with Karyn Talmadge of Karynís Cleaning was renewed with high compliments on the quality of work she performs at the City Hall offices and the Sacajawea Center.

An $8,000 grant has been awarded to the Sacajawea Center from the Idaho Governorís Lewis and Clark Trail Committee. According to Center Director Lin Gray the money is designated for design and installation of new signs for the Interpretive Center. She said there is no financial match attached to the grant other than the time she will devote to the sign project.

The council voted unanimously for her to proceed with acceptance of the grant.

A request has been made to the city for a street light at 411 South Daisy. City Clerk Mary Benton explained the process involves filling out a request form for the light and giving it to the city which will then give it to Idaho Power as a request from the city. She said the city pays the power bill for the light and Idaho Power installs the fixture and maintains it.

The City Council unanimously approved a change order from Westfall Construction in connection with the Island Park Bridge. The order was for $5,500 which soon-to-be former City Project Coordinator Mary Cerise said was very reasonable. It had to do with the additional work and materials needed during the heavy rains in September.

The council went on to unanimously approve Resolution 2016-5 which formally adopts the cityís updated Transportation Plan. The document includes Capital Improvement Plan Projects such as completion of the Island Park Bridge, maintenance of the main waterline across the Salmon River, the Water Street Culvert, Main Street Connectors improvements, improving Elks Road to US Highway 93 and an east/west river crossing. There is also a list of pathways and sidewalk projects plus management programs.

The City Council was unanimous in its praise for the great work done by city crews faced with the immense amount of snow that is being dumped on Salmon. During the councilís Roundtable Discussion there were thanks to the businesses that removed snow from their sidewalks. The thanks included the Library crew who has a lot of sidewalk to shovel and to the person using a snow blower to assist where needed with snow removal. In answer to a patronís written question Mayor Leo Marshall said there is an ordinance regarding snow removal, even though some businesses are not complying with it.

ďGreat jobĒ kudos were also unanimously given to Mary Cerise for all the work she has done while with the city. She said it has been an honor and a privilege to work for the taxpayers of Salmon and that she has enjoyed it. She said now itís time to be with her family.

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