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Salmon High School Senior Connor Swersey is an avid cyclist and has chosen as his Senior Project establishing a Pump Track in Salmon for bicycle riders of all ages.

He presented his plan to the December 20 Salmon City Council meeting and said since the project will take longer than the time-frame of Senior Projects his current focus is on initial local government scoping and permitting agreements needed to initiate the Pump Track project. He said he hoped to get the agreements in place by the end of the year.

The next step would be fund raising. His long range intention is to stay with the project until it is accomplished which may take up to two years. The actual track can be built in a matter of a couple of weeks and two local contractors have already offered to donate materials and possibly equipment. He has also generated interest from the Salmon Idaho Mountain Bike Association SIMBA) and will continue to update the group on any progress.

The average Pump Track requires less land than half a football field and Swersey’s plan is for the local track to require even less land than average. He explained the track needs to be located on flat property preferably with a sprinkler system already in place for dust abatement. The track consists of a series of whoops, berms and bumps that bicycle riders ‘pump’ through to gain speed. His demographic target is younger generation riders who would benefit from a safe place to gather and ride bikes. Swersey said a Pump Track would be much better than the streets of Salmon.

He told the council his first location choice would be City Park since it is close to town. Next would be the Sacajawea Center or Island Park. After his presentation members of the City Council suggested several alternative locations such as in the vicinity of the Hockey Rink. A location on the Bar Hill was thought to be best due to its population of youngsters.

Once mentioned, the council’s favorite location quickly became just below the old Brooklyn School. The county now uses the building as an Annex to the Lemhi County Courthouse. An area just below the old school is fenced, has a sprinkler system plus room for picnic tables and as Councilman Neal James pointed out was historically a playground.

Swersey was advised to make an appointment with the Lemhi County Commissioners to discuss the Pump Track plan. Other favorite locations were near the Hockey Rink and at the Sacajawea Center.

Council President Jim Baker is Swersey’s Senior Project mentor and he will keep the council apprised as to Swersey’s progress.

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