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A three way proposal involving the vacation of land and possible land exchange between Steve Frazee, the city and the Strickland Estate has come to a halt.

Frazee met with the Salmon City Council January 4 and explained that Dale McAtee’s duties as executor of the estate came to an end as of January 1 and that the city would now have to negotiate on its own with members of the family. Frazee said although he is no longer involved in the initial proposal he does not want the Copper Street vacation to go away. The vacation would be in the area of a nonexistent but platted street between Bryan Avenue and Courthouse Drive.

The usual vacation procedure is for the city to allocate the vacated land to property owners on each side of the street. In this case Frazee owns the property on both sides. The vacation would put the platted street on the city’s tax roll.

The City Council voted to proceed with the vacation process. Frazee will pay for the legal description and plat amendment.

Switching to another role, Lemhi County Fire Protection District Chairman, Frazee asked the city to consider giving the land on which the Fire Department sits to the district. He said the reason for the request is that with the addition of ten more volunteers, occasioned by the district’s new 17 Mile Fire Station, there is not enough room in the present building for the 41 volunteers to meet and some remodeling is needed.

According to the agreement related to annexation of the city fire department several years ago, the Fire House land still belongs to the city. Frazee said every time changes are needed for the building they have to go through a city approval process and it would just be easier to make the improvements without the process. He also asked for city approval on building a 12x16 addition on the building’s north side to be used as an office.

Councilman Rob Jackson made the motion to give approval for the Fire Department remodel and addition then added city thanks to the Volunteer Department for their service. The motion was unanimously passed. The topic of turning the property over to the Fire District will be considered at a future council meeting.

A resignation submitted by William R. Gibbs PLLC (Professional Limited Liability Company) was accepted by the council contingent on his submission of signed and dated specifications for the sidewalk project on which he has been consulting since July of 2016. His letter stated that as of December 21 a total of $2,957 remains unused.

On the topic of a possible sidewalk cost-share arrangement between the city and adjacent property owners, the city staff was asked to research how other towns of comparable size handle such agreements.

In attendance at the City Council’s January 4 meeting were Laurie and Joshua Orr. Mayor Leo Marshall welcomed the guests and explained that Joshua is taking a government class. Marshall said requirements of the class include a visit with a government official and attendance at a City Council meeting. As of that evening Joshua has completed both tasks.

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