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In her monthly report to the Salmon City Council Breann Green of the Salmon Whitewater Park Association said the group is still working with the permitting agencies involved in allowing the park to be built. As of now the most frequent communications are between the association, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. She said no other permit applications have been filled out and that the main focus is on a safe passage criteria for juvenile fish.

Councilman Rob Jackson inquired as to whether any studies into jet boat passage have been done. Green said she was last February, at the initial meeting with all involved agencies, that jet boats need eight to ten inches of clearance when passing over objects in the water and according to design plans for the park that clearance requirement will be far exceeded. Other than obtaining that information she said there have been no further jet boat discussions.

A proposal to turn city ownership of land under the Fire House over to the Lemhi County Fire Protection District failed to win enough council favor to pass. Fire Protection District Chairman Steve Frazee presented the council with a formal written request which explained the history of having to get city approval for any improvements made on the property. The thought was that it would be more efficient to not have to go through the permission process.

Council President Jim Baker said the land originally housed the city shop and that if it were to be vacated the city could use the land for other purposes. He said he didnít think signing over the land was in the cityís best interests and that the City Council has never refused a Fire District modification request. Councilman Jim Bockelman agreed saying it is not that big a problem to ask city permission. Councilman Rob Jackson said he couldnít see a benefit either way; giving it to them or not giving it to them, but if it came to a vote he would give the department the land. He thanked the Fire Department and all the dedicated volunteers for the work they do.

Councilman Ken Hill said he couldnít see any advantage in turning the property over to the Fire Department. He said for the long-range the city needs to hang on to the property. Councilman Neal James also thought the city should retain the property even though he would have no problem with the district having it. Councilman Russ Chinske didnít see a strong case for keeping the property since, as Frazee suggested, legal provisions could be made to return the property to the city if the department moved. He agreed it would save the department some hassles if they owned the property. Both Chinske and Jackson said the southwest piece of property west of the fire house should be retained for parking.

When the question of signing over the city property to the Fire District came to a vote the Fire District request was denied on a vote of four to two with Bockelman, Hill, James, and Baker voting to deny the acquisition request and Chinske and Jackson voting in favor.

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