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The city’s Teams all met on April 12 and reports of their discussions were heard at the May 3 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

Councilman Ken Hill is Chairman of the City Public Safety Team and he reported that topics of conversation included needing a clarification of the city code regarding “inhalants.” He said City Police Chief KV Felker and Officer Leah Madsen will revise the wording in the code and present it to the full City Council for consideration.

Hill said the team also discussed the Clear View Triangles at Intersections law and the team’s concerns over highway rights-of-way, vision obstructions and the need for more clarity on both matters. Research will continue by way of the City/County Building Department and the State Highway Department.

The next meeting of the Public Safety Committee will take place on May 10 at 4:3

The city of Salmon’s Public Works Team is chaired by Council President Jim Baker. He said that during its April meeting a discussion centered on Salmon city sidewalks and the need for an ordinance to allow the city to use some of its funds in a cooperative effort with property owners adjacent to unsafe sidewalks in need of repair. The team recommended it was a matter for the full council to discuss.

Baker said there has been an increased interest in connecting to the city’s storm drains. He said the Public Works Team feels a formal policy and connection process should be established for private and commercial properties wishing to connect. Whether or not a fee should be established also needs to be the council.

At the May 3 council meeting the discussion continued with Baker saying a list of storm drain connections needs to be tabulated. The hospital is now connected to the drain system along with a downtown business. Councilman Hill brought up the subject of future Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding storm water.

City Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt confirmed the reality of future EPA regulations and said the state of Idaho has applied to the EPA for primacy to take over waste water and storm water therefore; the state will take over those regulations. He said the date set for storm water regulations is 2021. He expects there will be some sort of water treatment required since water running off parking lots, for example, contain contaminates. At this point it is unknown exactly what the regulations will be.

Because treatment measures are expected Councilman Hill guessed that at some future point there will have to be a fee charged to cover the required storm water treatment.

The Public Works Team along with City Attorney Fred Snook will be exploring the topic further at the team’s next meeting which is set for May 10 at 2 PM.

All team meetings are open to the public and are held in the City Hall Conference Room.

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