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Most of the Parks and Recreation Team meeting on April 12 was devoted to a Preparedness Fair fee waiver request for the Sacajawea Interpretive Center facility. The request was settled at the May 3 meeting of the Salmon City Council by a unanimous vote of approval.

According to a report by Councilman Jim Bockelman the team went on to discuss activities at the Sacajawea Center where Center Advisory Committee meetings are going well, Summer programs are in place for the Outdoor School and Interpretive talks are scheduled for three days a week. He said on-site volunteer hosts will arrive in mid-May and docent training is underway with a full complement of volunteers

Bockelman said Sacajawea Interpretive Center Director Lin Gray attended a Lewis and Clark Trail National Park Service meeting where she learned the Park Service will be visiting communities which have established Interpretive Centers. The service will work with locals to identify special area attractions so communities can market the attractions to visitors and link with other centers.

Bockelman reported there are some old fences at the center that need to be repaired. It is thought that identifying all repair needs and doing the work all at once would be more cost efficient than repairing a section at a time. The centerís watering system also needs improvements.

Steve, the centerís grounds keeper, has returned for the season and research is underway for a replacement lawn mower to be used at the park and the cemetery.

Bockelman is the Chairman of the city Finance Team and reported that Lemhi County Economic Development Association (:LCEDA) Chairman Alan Howell, along with LCEDA Executive Director Tammy Stringham and Lemhi Ride Operations Manager Candy Stenersen met with the Finance Team and presented a draft Memorandum of Understanding between LCEDA and the city. It has to do with a never finalized agreement to pay back the startup funding the city contributed for Lemhi Ride. One proposal was to pay back the $15,000 loan when enough funds have been accumulated and the other proposal was to make $100 a month payments to the city. Both options included the stipulation that payments would not jeopardize Lemhi Rideís financial stability. The latter option was selected to pass on in draft form to the full City Council.

Bockelman said City Finance Director Amy Fealko announced 50 percent of the fiscal year is over. She will provide packets of a financial breakdown to each councilman.

He said he has proposed to the team the cityís immediate involvement with initiating renderings of the future Main Street/Highway 93 bridge combined with possible improvements to the infamous Main Street/Highway 93/Courthouse Drive /Riverfront Drive intersection. He said it may seem early for submitting designs but he thinks this council and future councils should work closely with the Idaho Transportation Department to express local opinions and needs.

Bockelman also wondered if it is time to consider hiring a person to write grants and do extra clerical work for the city since the team thinks there will be a need in the future.

The next meeting of the Finance Team will be on May 10 at 1PM in the City Hall conference Room and is open to the public.

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