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June 21st at 6:05 PM has been set for a Public Hearing on proposed changes to the City of Salmon Development Code.

The changes are being proposed to clear up contradicting standards that have been found in the document. A copy of the clarifications is available for review at the City of Salmon Zoning Administrator’s office located in the Brooklyn Annex or on the city’s website at

Included in the hearing will be an ordinance updating the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) regulations. The purpose of the ordinance is to match portions of the Development Code related to flooding with the FEMA updates.

The Public Hearing will take place during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

At the May 17th meeting of the council Mayor Leo Marshall asked if council members wanted any changes to be made as to which council member is on what team and if there were any changes necessary for the city teams to function more effectively. Each ‘team’ is comprised of three City Councilmen and each team meets once a month. Team titles include; Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Public Safety, and Finance. Any topics that arise during a meeting of the full council and judged to need more discussion or research are passed on to the team category most appropriate to the issue.

After a long discussion the answer was ‘no’ to reassignment of team membership and ‘yes’ to a few more-efficient reporting procedures.

Since the next election is only six months away, and there are three incumbents who have to decide whether or not to run, it was decided to leave the team assignments as they are. Changes will be made however, in how reports on the meetings are delivered and when. One idea was to have the topics now discussed by teams, discussed instead by the full council during regular council meetings so that there would be more of a general understanding of the issues. Council President Jim Baker said he thought the top priority is city finances and that that is the one topic least understood by everyone. It was suggested the Finance report should be given during regular council meetings.

A general consensus was that if Team Meeting minutes could be delivered to the council members immediately after the meetings there would be more time for questions and more time to place issues on the official Council Meeting Agenda. City Staff meetings are held each week and it was decided that Mayor Leo Marshall will make minutes from those meetings available. The mayor asked that all team meeting minutes be distributed as soon as possible after each meeting.

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