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For several years Salmon City Councilman Rob Jackson has been attempting to get the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to lower the posted speed limit between the Highway 28 intersection with Lemhi Road and the Sacajawea Center. The department goes by traffic counts and speed studies and as a result local speed reduction efforts have failed.

Jackson’s latest efforts have gone into moving the City Limit Signs to the actual current city limits. He thinks that if the signs are moved, city speed limits will apply which could possibly lower present speeds on the Highway 28 section of road. He said he has spoken with ITD local representative Jeff Eagle about moving the signs and he agreed to do it however; the signs have not been moved as yet. Jackson asked if the council would approve sending a letter of request to ITD officials. He said there are three signs which need to be moved in order to update city limit boundaries; two on Highway 93 and the one on State Highway 28.

Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt confirmed he has marked the spots where the new signs will be posted and said he will talk with Eagle who may be waiting for state sign crews to come to town.

In the evening’s edition of Roundtable discussion, Councilman Ken Hill thanked city crews for the phenomenal job of sand bagging and berm building to prevent flood waters from invading City Hall and other town properties. Jackson thanked Shanafelt for all his repair work and added a request for crews to repaint a yellow curb at the end of Water Street. Councilman Jim Bockelman relayed a citizen request for alley grading when crews have the time. He said that this past Winter has made some of the alleys in town quite rough.

Earlier in the evening Steve Lish, representing the Salmon City Golf Association presented the organization’s 2017 Budget. He said the group has a good track record of income and expenses and carry overs. At present the association has collected most of its income for the year and has $71,000 in the bank. It is the expected the yearly list of expenses will be arriving soon.

Lish said last year the Golf Association purchased a used fairway mower and a zero turn rough mower plus ten rental carts to replace the 1985-86-87 models.

Mike DeBoard of Salmon is being welcomed as the new Golf Pro at the course and the restaurant hours have been expanded to cover from early morning into the evening.

Lish said the agreement between the city and the association is in great shape after the adjustments made last year. He said the association would like to add something to the agreement that says when city equipment is available it could be used for golf course work.

Shanafelt had no objections as long as a city crew member was operating the equipment.

Councilman Jim Baker recommended that if city equipment is used the Golf Association should pay for the employee’s time and that the work be coordinated as to equipment availability.

A clause will be added to the city/golf course agreement reflecting the changes and once written the agreement will go back to the City Council for official approval.

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