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Acting City Planning and Zoning Administrator Teresa Morton informed the Salmon City Council at its June 21 meeting there were some errors in the technicalities pertaining to the vacation of Cooper Street. She said that in reviewing the Plats and Record of Survey, issues were found in the legal description and that no Amended Subdivision Plat had been filed indicating changes in the Benjamin Addition and the Highland Addition subdivisions.

Morton said she has spoken with Steve Frazee who originally requested the vacation and that he is happy to provide the legal documentation needed. Morton also suggested that a process be established which would require that prior to any deeds or surveys being filed they first be reviewed by the County Assessor to ensure all requirements have been met.

The council unanimously approved a motion to request that the city officially ask Frazee for the amended subdivision plats and assure the city all legal requirements have been met.

Council President Jim Baker then made a motion that a process be created by way of ordinance which will require all surveys and plats to be reviewed by the County Assessor and City Planning and Zoning Commission prior to being recorded. The motion passed unanimously.

Two Public Hearings were scheduled for that evening involving needed code changes. The first hearing involved changes to the City Development Code. She explained that some contradictory statements related to property line set-back requirements had been found in the City Development Code and the changes correct the problem. No one was present to comment or ask questions and the hearing was closed. The council then voted unanimously to accept the recommended changes.

The second Public Hearing was to create a Flood Plain Ordinance for the City of Salmon and to make changes to the Salmon City Code’s Title 11 Chapter 1. The changes corrected a discrepancy of numbers in the flood hazard areas. Morton said that the ordinance was created in order to comply with the Federal Emergency Management Agency requirement for a stand-alone flood plain ordinance.

There being no public comments or questions the hearing was closed and the council unanimously approved the proposed changes to Salmon City Code, Title 11 Chapter 1, as recommended by the P&Z Commission.

The council then moved on to approve the first reading of Ordinance 17-821 by title only. The ordinance removes Title 11 Chapter 1 from the City Development Code and replaces it with the updated flood damage prevention ordinance. Council approval was unanimous.

The council also voted to amend various sections in Ordinance 17-822 of the City Development Code’s Chapter 3 and approve the first of its required three readings. The changes include; clarifications, corrections in some flood hazard zone footage data, designated time limitations as well as conditions related to non-conforming uses and requirements of approval. The vote was five in favor and one councilman, Neal James, opposed.

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