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Over a hundred years after the rush, the search is still on for gold, silver and copper in the Lemhi Valley according to representatives of the Calida Gold Mine who met with the Lemhi County Commissioners on Monday, August 14.

Lisa Anderson is the Vice President of Government Relations and Noelle Laury is the Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations for Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC). Anderson explained that Poly Resources is the entity working on the Calida Gold Project and she confirmed that nine or ten holes have been drilled in the most recent attempt to verify the size of the Calida ore body. Poly Resources is the actual owner of the mining claims. ICMC was hired by Poly Resources to oversee the project based on the corporationís environmental policy expertise and history of being able to facilitate other successful mining projects.

The most recent exploration is taking place 24 miles south of Salmon and five miles west of Highway 28 in the Mormon Canyon area. The area has been under exploration for the past 30 years with ten mineralized veins identified on the 160 acre site located on Bureau of Land Management land.

Anderson said the information and geological data they need should be acquired by this fall. Laury mentioned that the corporation has hired some local contractors and local core shed and cataloging space has been rented.

Commissioner Rick Snyder asked what expectations the company has and whether or not it plans on hiring local labor. Anderson replied that the answers to his questions are what is in the process of being determined. She said it will all depend on the size of the ore body. The search is concentrated on gold, copper and silver. She also said there is a wonderful working relationship with the BLM. The two representatives indicated that if the research proves the mining project is feasible it will be locally managed with local personnel.

The commissioners recommended that the Lemhi County Economic Development Association be included on the gold mine representativesí get-acquainted tour.

More information about the Calida Gold project may be obtained at
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