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When the Salmon City Council voted to donate the land under the old Public Library to the Lemhi County Library District the vote did not include transaction details because those details were not known at the time of the vote.

At the October 4 meeting of the Salmon City Council it became obvious many more details are needed such as an accurate description of the library property which adjoins the City Hall building. Upon investigation by City Clerk Mary Benton the only property description is “the south 65 feet of lot 4, block 1 Salmon City townsite” which the County Assessor’s Office says does not match what currently exists.

City Attorney Fred Snook was asked to track down an accurate legal description.

On a totally related matter, Council President Jim Baker suggested that an architect be hired to determine the location of shared load-bearing walls between the two buildings and provide design options for possible additional City Hall office space along with a step by step plan for future expansion.

The need for a literal separation of the building’s shared services and walls, brought on by relinquishment of the library property under the building, has revealed any number of unknowns as well as complex construction issues. Benton said the library basement is attached to City Hall and that connection is fairly straight forward however; the common electrical and plumbing system connections are an unknown.

Baker urged moving forward with having an architect propose construction designs along with associated costs.

The council unanimously agreed to obtaining an architectural proposal.

Vicki Hamilton, representing the Salmon Ready Preparedness Fair Committee, submitted a written request to the council which asked for a five-day reservation of the Sacajawea Interpretive and Cultural Center. She explained the next Preparedness Fair will take place on June 29 and 30, 2018. The reservation request is for June 27 through July 1. She said the fair committee is also requesting a waiver of Sacajawea Center rental fees as well as a waiver of vendor fees for those vendors who conduct a class during the fair or live in Salmon. She said the vendor forms will be turned in to the city prior to the fair and that the sponsors will carry an insurance policy and pay the $500 damage and cleaning deposit. There will be no facility entrance fee during the event.

The 2017 Preparedness Fair hosted vendors from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Hamilton said the committee is expecting a much larger fair in 2018.

Hamilton was asked to fill out required event forms which are available at City Hall. She was told that once the forms are completed the council will discuss the fee waivers.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 18 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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