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The deer population in town has again come to the attention of the Salmon City Council. During its October 18 RoundTable Discussion Council President Jim Baker said he has been informed of three dogs being killed by a deer. He didnt know if any official report had been filed. He said the council has not talked about the deer problem for a number of years. Councilman Ken Hill said the instance was a matter of a doe protecting her fawn. Baker said he had asked the individual who reported the incident to him, to file an official report so the council will have something with which to work.

Baker also said that the sewer connection to the Hockey Rink is underway.

Councilman Neal James said he has had some complaints about overgrown trees along the driveway beside City Park. He reported that he has talked to the tree owners and that they will take care of the problem.

Councilman Jim Bockelman referred to the council decision to hire an architect regarding construction issues related to separating City Hall from the old Library Building. Bockelman said while the architect is at it, the front steps to City Hall should also be added to the project.

He then asked if the city should consider taking bids on the fuel used by city equipment. He said bids are taken on propane services so maybe other fuels should be on a bidding basis. His other comment was a thanks to the weed clean-up crew that cleared the north end of the Welcome to Salmon sign. He said it looks very nice.

Councilman Russ Chinske used his Roundtable time to make further comments on the air quality sign being proposed. He said one of the nice things about this town is that it doesnt look like Las Vegas. There is not a lot of light pollution. He named a modern sign in Montana that he said can be seen from outer space. He said, I am really adamant about not having a big, obnoxious sign in this town that is going to spew some information that five people are going to look at per day. Chinske said a digital sign is not the best way to relay information. He said if there is to be a sign it should be placed where light pollution is already being produced. He said Main Street still feels like an old time town and its nice. Id like us to keep that in mind as we go through this process.

Chinske said he is not belittling the problem of relaying information or the wintertime problem of air pollution. He said, Id like to go about it in a way that we can maintain the beauty of the town.

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