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SHAKE OUT 10-18-17 LMS

The third Thursday of each October has been designated as the day Great Shake Out Earthquake Drills are held in cities throughout Idaho and the nation. That is when people practice how to “Drop, Cover and Hold On.”

Representatives of the Lemhi County Youth Council attended the October 18 meeting of the Salmon City Council to talk about the event which was scheduled for the next day.

Thomas, Carson, Cameron and Samuel Gardner took turns explaining the earthquake drill and its importance. They said that by next year they are hoping to get schools and businesses to participate and to have KSRA broadcast a drill message.

The Lemhi County Youth Council is working in partnership with a committee comprised of Lemhi County Emergency Manager Janet Nelson, Salmon Community Organizations Active in Disaster chairman Vicki Hamilton and Colleen Miller from the Steele Memorial Medical Center. The committee is preparing for next year’s Great Idaho Shake Out on October 18 by joining the ShakeOut.org/Idaho/register.

The Gardners said that prior to next year’s Shake Out drill the Youth Council will be working to provide Steele Memorial Medical Center with ham radio communications equipment. The Council has been told Steele Memorial is the only hospital in Eastern Idaho that does not have such equipment. The Youth Council will be receiving, and in turn donating, 50 percent of the proceeds from this year’s Salmon Festival of Trees towards the needed ham radio equipment. This year’s Festival of Trees is scheduled for December 1st and 2nd.

The Youth Council is encouraging all city offices and buildings to create an emergency plan in the event of a damaging earthquake. It also encourages a check on emergency supplies and equipment making sure they are accessible and functional. Facilities should be inspected for items that might fall and make sure they are secured. Cities will be encouraged to have employees prepare at home and to provide first aid and response training for employees.

Mayor Leo Marshall noted that all the Gardners will be Eagle Scouts by the end of this year and all are members of the “Order of the Arrow” which is a special organization within the Scouting program.

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