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A decision to not grant a refund for a Christmas season rental of the Sacajawea Center was upheld by the Salmon City Council when it was confirmed that the city’s cancellation policy resolution states any cancellation must be made within 48 hours of the time the reservation was made.

Discussion leading to the decision focused on some inconsistencies in the city’s reservation policies or lack thereof. City Clerk Mary Benton commented that the reason for a reservation is to guarantee the requested space will be available. She said the only actual fee waiver policy at city parks is for presentations by local agencies in the form of programs presented to school kids or for the community’s information. There is also no charge for end of the year school parties. The Sacajawea Center is not included in that policy.

Councilman Neal James pointed to a recent council decision where fees were waived because the event is “good for the community” as opposed to “personal use.” Benton said there needs to be a definition of what constitutes “good for the community” along with a better definition of what fees can and can’t be waived.

Council President Jim Baker recapped a history of fee waiver inconsistencies and Benton said that’s why she wants a policy put in place. Baker added it is up to the person reserving the space to read the rental agreement.

Councilman Russ Chinske commented it is the council’s job and responsibility to make those decisions on a case by case basis. He said it would make the job easier to have a clear and consistent policy. Mayor Leo Marshall asked Benton to write a list of instances where fees will not be waived.

During the council’s Roundtable discussion Councilman Rob Jackson said he really likes the new Sacajawea Center brochure although, he wished the Highway 28 location had been referred to more properly as “Main Street.”

Bockelman complimented city crews on the excellent repair work at Island Park and he also thanked the parks crews for attending to the weeds and shrubbery around the north entrance “Welcome to Salmon” sign. He said the area looks very good. He then brought up the issue of jay-walking in this town. Bockelman said he has no conclusions as to how to fix the problem but recommended the city Safety Team might schedule it as a topic of discussion.

Chinske reminded the council and residents of the November 7th election and encouraged everyone’s participation in the process.

James noted the upcoming Forest Revision meeting and hoped councilmen would attend. He recommended the city write a follow-up letter of opinion.

Mayor Leo Marshall reported on a response he received regarding his request for a re-mapping of all flood plain areas within the city of Salmon including Jessie Creek, Kids Creek, the Salmon River and the Lemhi River. He said in its reply the US Army Corps of Engineers said its Flood Plain Management Services Program has received partial funding to do some work on the city’s request. The letter stated, “Based on the scope of the effort requested it will take multiple years to complete.” The letter indicated the Management Service is looking at what efforts can be made this year using the available funding and it promised to keep the city apprised as the project develops.
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