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The recent survey of commercial and industrial sewer customers sent by the city to local business owners is extremely vital to the continued operations at the cityís Wastewater Treatment Plant. The mandatory survey was a topic of discussion at the November 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said the survey is a form business owners need to complete and return to the city. He said the survey is a very important document the city needs for the plantís operational permit renewal. Councilman Rob Jackson is a business owner and admitted he at first didnít take the survey request very seriously but later found out otherwise. He encouraged anyone who has questions or doesnít understand how to fill out the form to call City Hall and ask for assistance.

Other topics included in the eveningís Roundtable Discussion and public comment opportunities were the Forest Plan and snowplowing. Jackson said he thinks the Forest Revision Plan and draft assessment report is very important to the community and that residents as well as the city should officially submit comments. The plan being developed will guide Forest Service directions for the next 20 years. He said much of the area economy is based on the agencyís actions and he said this comment period is an opportunity for the public to take part in what those directions will be. Jackson said he has copies of the draft plan if anyone wants to borrow one.

Councilman Russ Chinske congratulated the newly elected council members and wished them well. He also thanked the Forest Service representatives for the Municipal Watershed report given earlier in the evening. He said he heard a lot of positive ways to protect the extremely important watershed and thought the agency is offering real solutions. Chinske said he is appreciative of the work that has been done and hopes the city will continue to support the effort.

During public comments Dave Gusky asked that his street be included in the snow plowing schedule. He said the plow turns south just before his house leaving him and two other neighbors without plowing services. Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt disagreed with the statement about the road not being plowed in four years saying he has personally plowed the street in question. Bockelman and Mayor Marshall both said they would look into Guskyís request.

The council accepted and passed the official November 7 election results as provided by Lemhi County Clerk of the Court Terri Morton.

The council also decided to look into continuation of the lease agreement the city has with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The original lease was developed in 1972 and relates to the Child Development Center. The council will review lease details such as lawn maintenance.

As the air quality digital sign debate continues Chinske is still not content with the verdict about the hospitalís main street sign not being usable for the air quality information. Even though he will soon retire from his council seat he volunteered to find out why that sign and location canít be either used or adapted for the purpose.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be December 6 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center.
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