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Every meeting of the Salmon City Council includes a Roundtable Discussion where council members may discuss topics of interest not listed on the meeting’s formal agenda.

At its January3 meeting Councilor Ken Hill applauded the Formation Capital Cobalt Project for what it will do for this community’s future and for what it is already doing.

Hill said the company has hired 14 local people and plans to hire from 40 to 50 more employees within the next three months. He said that Formation is hoping to start construction in March, weather permitting, and is planning to hire more local people for that construction phase. Hill said there will be some sub-contracting of experienced personnel which will be brought in for the hard rock mining portion of the project.

Hill said the only problem at present is the lack of local housing. He said there are practically no rentals available and the company is having a hard time finding purchasable properties. Hill anticipated there may be some speculation building in Salmon’s future. Councilor Fred Waidely added that stock in the company is going up.

Other topics during Roundtable discussion included Councilor Jim Bockelman’s report on a national survey that placed Idaho second on the list of the most popular, top places to relocate. He said Oregon was first. Nevada and Vermont were listed third and fourth. Bockelman also commended city crews for the day after Christmas plowing and sanding. He added that the “sand cans” were set out and filled with sand, not salt. He complimented the city for being proactive.

Councilor Fred Waidely said it was good to be back on the council after his two year “vacation,” that he was glad to see familiar faces and that the same city staff is still in place. He said the staff members are good, very dedicated and hardworking people and that it’s good to be working with them again.

Newly elected Councilor Robin Phillips commended the city’s Public Works Department for a job well done this Winter. Councilor Neal James welcomed the new members and old members to the council saying he was looking forward to working with them.

The council has many items on its 2018 agenda. Among them is researching state law regarding the city purchasing property plus establishing a storm drain connection process and creating an ordinance regarding a city/private sector cooperative agreement related to repair of sidewalks, curbs and gutters. There is also the issue of on-going air quality problems.

Councilor Bockelman is the city’s representative on the Salmon Clean Air Committee which is working with the Department of Environmental Quality’s PM Advance program. He announced there is to be an Air Quality Community Open House on January 24 at the Salmon Valley Center from 5:30 to 7:30. He said the committee meets monthly and the public is welcome to attend.

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