Welcome to the News Alert Subscription service.

The News Alert service is an absolutely effortless way to stay informed about what transpires at city and county meetings as well as other events taking place in the Salmon River Valley.

For $2.50 a month, News Alert subscribers will be notified via email each time a news story is added to the LMS News site.

The News Alert will come to your email address in the form of a headline describing the story content.  A click on the address listed in each email will take you directly to the news item. You can expect to be notified about the posting of from 20 to 30 stories per month however no specific numbers are guaranteed since the amount of news activity fluctuates.

To Subscribe:

By Credit Card:
 Please use the convenient PayPal order button below and fill in the required information. Your account will become active immediately after signing up. A $2.50 fee will be automatically charged on a monthly basis to whichever credit card you have chosen to use.

By Regular Mail: Please print & fill out the order form below, enclose a check in the amount of $2.50 and send it to:
139 Lake Creek Road
Salmon, ID 83467

Subscribers may discontinue the email service at any time however once ordered for the month, prorated fees cannot be returned. 

Thank you for interest in becoming a News Alert subscriber and please tell your friends about the service.



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